Ririshiyo raised an eyebrow at Aiko calling Hikaru “cute”. He didn’t feel like praising Hikaru right now. To Ririshiyo, he didn’t deserve it. Even if there was that one time when they were little Hikaru went everywhere looking for Riri after he ran off— it’s all just whatever.

"Dae is great, yeah," he replied to Aiko’s compliments towards Dae, deciding to pretend he was actually indifferent towards her (though it might have been to late). "She does like me a lot." Ririshiyo leaned back in his chair and let out a sigh, feeling a little tired. But going somewhere else seemed fine. Better than a gross restaurant like this one.

"Okay, yeah. We can go somewhere else," he responded. "But I don’t know where to. I don’t usually go places—" he immediately wished he could take that sentence back. He was obviously introverted, but he realized it was strange to say he didn’t know where to go in a town he grew up in. If he explained why, everything would be even stranger. Unless he explained in a.. sort of normal way.


"Where do you like to go?"

"Anywhere!" Aiko exclaimed. "I don’t care." This was obviously a fact. Having lived in one town for the majority of his life, Aiko had explored every part of Kyoto there was to see. He was familiar with everything about the city they lived in; he practically knew all of the street names by heart. Aiko was so familiarized with Kyoto, he knew no other place.

"Where would you like to go?" he asked, as their waitress carried their remaining plates away. "We could go to the park, a pet shop, the mall… we could even go to my house," he suggested. As far as he knew, his parents weren’t home. They hardly ever were, to be honest. His older brother, on the other hand, was already at college. Most of the time, he was alone in his house, with nothing left to do.

"How about… we go to your house, actually?" Aiko was tired of seeing the same two-story, gingerbread cookie-cutter house. He’d spent most of his time at home anyway. It was time for him to see someone else’s for a change.



"Interesting," he said, his voice seemingly emotionless. He didn’t really care for how long Aiko has known Dae or Hikaru, but of course he was always jealous meeting someone who was close with Dae. Only because he always viewed her as his best friend.

"I’ve known Dae for a few years, I guess," he said, shrugging. Then stated, very matter-of-factly, "We’re best friends, really," and shrugged again, like it was no big deal. It wasn’t, actually. But to him it was a very big deal. It’s not common you find someone like Dae who would actually like someone like himself. 

"And then I’ve known Hikaru since childhood. He’s kind of annoying, though," There was nothing to brag about Hikaru. Like, okay, he was a pretty good friend. But all he seemed really cared about was curry and Dae. Of course there was more stuff about Hikaru, but nothing worth mentioning. "We’re all good friends, all in all," Ririshiyo paused and thought for a moment before continuing his sentence. "But, they never really have mentioned you too much."


Ririshiyo had somewhat of a possessive tone when she began talking about Dae. To Aiko, it was a very large deal that Ririshiyo and Dae were best friends. It almost felt like he and Dae weren’t best friends, and that made him upset. In an attempt to mask his pain, he began to defend Hikaru. “He’s actually a really cool guy!” Aiko protested.

He had to admit—Hikaru was kind of lame. He was just an inherently naive person to begin with, and to top it all off, he was cool for no apparent reason (which didn’t even make any sense). Aiko was slightly jealous of Hikaru, knowing that he had everything he wanted. But any other way, Hikaru was a good friend, and he was his best friend. “He’s not bad,” Aiko defended. “Okay, so he’s kinda stupid—but he does it in a… cute kind of way.”

Hikaru was an overall hard person to describe. He was obviously an amazing person, but it was hard to actually give an accurate description of him without making him seem useless. He was far from it.

"I do agree with you on Dae, though," Aiko admitted. "She’s a really nice person. It’s good that you two are friends." 

Aiko was beginning to get tired of talking about Dae and Hikaru. They were all he ever thought about; even when he was trying to forget about them, he was talking about them instead. “Do you want to go somewhere else?” he asked.



Aiko’s silence after Ririshiyo’s reassuring made himself feel a little insecure. Maybe saying those kind of things was too weird.

"Um, so.." he had no idea what to say. Usually when he hung out with Dae, she did a lot of the talking. And it was easy to talk to her because they’ve known each other for quite a while. It was that way with Hikaru as well, but a lot of the time Ririshiyo just ignored him and sometimes Hikaru would ignore him back. It wasn’t very awkward at all, though. But with Aiko it felt like the air was very thick and he had to keep a conversation going.

"What’s, uh…I mean, how long have you known Dae and hikaru?" he didn’t think there was anything else to talk about. But immediately he felt a little awkward and bad about that question— since Aiko was wanting to get away from the two of them. "You don’t have to answer that if you don’t wanna," he said quickly afterward. 


There was nothing else, though. As far as Ririshiyo knew, he and Aiko didn’t have a lot in common. Or, it didn’t seem like they did. Ririshiyo didn’t have a lot of stuff to keep him busy, and he doesn’t have a job, so there was really nothing to say about himself unless it had to do with his gender, his past, or Dae and Hikaru. And all of that shouldn’t be spoken about, at least not yet.

"I’ve known Dae and Hikaru for quite some time. Dae has always been my childhood friend, so I think we might around… um, when I was four. Hikaru and I met later on, but I can’t exactly remember when." If Aiko was being completely honest, he’d forgot when he and Hikaru met because they were always so close to each other. He felt like he knew them for his entire life. It was weird being so detached from them right now. He wondered if they even realized he’d ditched their party.

Come to think of it, he never actually saw Ririshiyo prior Dae’s get-together. It was weird, knowing that Ririshiyo was actually close friends to Dae and Hikaru. How come he’d never seen her before? Did they really hang out as much as Ririshiyo claimed? “How long have you known them?” Aiko questioned. He was so puzzled and bewildered by all of this; not once had Hikaru or Dae even mentioned Ririshiyo, let alone another person.

"I’ve never really seen you before…" Aiko pointed out. "I think it’s kind of weird that we’ve been so close to Dae and Hikaru, but never actually met." He almost felt a little bit scared. Maybe he didn’t really know Dae and Hikaru as much as he’d thought. From the looks of it, he believed that he was the only other main person they were hanging out with. He’d guessed wrongly. They did not even bother to invite him to hang out with Ririshiyo.

Aiko started to doubt the truth of their friendship. It was hard, knowing that this mysterious person—who had close connections to the couple—had unexpectedly popped out of nowhere. Everything to him seemed like a lie, and he now believed that maybe he was always too focused on Dae and Hikaru to begin with…



Ririshiyo noticed Aiko was trying pretty hard to just have someone around, and the thought of whether he was lying or not didn’t really matter anymore. Ririshiyo needed more friends, too, being the only friends he has is Dae and Hikaru. But he didn’t necessarily need any, but this was an opportunity he decided to take.

"Hm. Well. Good enough for me, I guess," Ririshiyo didn’t think of himself as a very social or kind person, but he could try his best if it meant getting Aiko to feel more for him and then having to break the news that Ririshiyo was indeed not a female. Then the strength of their friendship (Or later— relationship?) would be tested. "We can be friends. I don’t really care— I mean, mind," That sounds more polite, he thought to himself.

However, his opinion on Aiko being pathetic certainly did not change. But it didn’t get in the way of him being smart or attractive, either, so that didn’t matter as well. But Ririshiyo would see how things go. Certainly no alarms would set off in his mind or anything, maybe it would be that way for Aiko, though. If Ririshiyo wasn’t careful.


"Well, thanks for the kind words— I guess. And don’t be so hard on yourself. I don’t think that’s true." Saying such ‘kind’ things sort of brought a gross feeling to his stomach.

Ririshiyo was kind of weird. She didn’t strike him as the kind of person who was like Dae or Hikaru—she seemed more introverted than the two of them. It was going to be a little bit more different hanging out with Ririshiyo than his usual friends, but he didn’t particularly mind. He wasn’t even complaining—he was just happy that she was okay with being friends.

Transitioning from two, outgoing people to a more reserved, and even mysterious girl was going to be quiet interesting. A week ago, he could not fathom the idea of hanging out with people other than Dae or Hikaru. Now, he couldn’t waste his time thinking that he could still be close to the couple. 

He was almost glad that he wasn’t hanging out with them anymore. Aiko still had feelings for Dae, and he was uncertain if that was ever going to change. He had known for her too long, and fell too deeply in love with her to outspokenly say that he was over her.

The truth was, he wasn’t.

Aiko sighed to himself. He had just to wait—in a few weeks, or maybe months, he’d be able to get over Dae. In the event that she split up with Hikaru, he would be lucky enough to be with her. If none of that happened, he would not know what to do. He had to leave it all to chance. You could never really be sure of the future.



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”I wonder if he wanted to see me a little bit?”


Aiko’s goal—or objective—or whatever it was, was still a little clouded to Ririshiyo.  He wasn’t sure whether or not to believe that Aiko really did like Riri’s company, considering.. it felt like he was being used. There wasn’t really any telling that Aiko was being truthful anymore. 

"So, what? Are we friends just to get your mind off Dae, or what?" he asked Aiko, pretty bluntly. There’s no use being friends with someone who was just using you. Ririshiyo’s first thought on this was that Aiko needed to learn how to control his feelings or something. Aiko was seemingly smart and attractive— but in Ririshiyo’s opinion, also pretty pathetic.


At this point, it would be smart to tell Aiko about Ririshiyo’s real gender, before they get a little too close and Aiko still thinks that he’s a girl. Or maybe it would be more fun later on. He’ll just have to wait and see, probably.

Aiko knew Ririshiyo was going to take it the wrong way, and to be honest, he wasn’t quite surprised. “We’re not just friends because of that,” he protested, “we’re friends because I want to be friends with you.” He felt a little bit flustered now, knowing that there were people around them, eating in the same restaurant. “It’s not just because of Dae. Seeing them together made me realize that I need to spend time away from them. I need to get more friends.”

Was that a good enough confession? Aiko couldn’t tell; he wasn’t particularly good at reading people’s emotions. “I like you,” he admitted, “I really do. You seem like a really nice and genuine person, and I wouldn’t mind getting to know you better.” 

Assuming that Ririshiyo wouldn’t want to be friends with him, he would be left all alone. The thought of that almost made him feel wimpy, but he couldn’t help himself. He was always just a sensitive person, and if knowing that he was going to be friendless, he might as well just give up now. He only wanted to feel accepted by someone.

"I’m not lying, but if you think I am, I don’t blame you," he stated. "Because if I were you, I wouldn’t be friends with me either."



Ririshiyo was still staring at him, noticing how good looking Aiko was. He finally broke eye contact and dazed off in a different direction, not really wanting to pay attention but he still listened to Aiko’s words, anyway. “Well, I just don’t really want to go back to my house,” he replied. The thought of being home alone with nothing to do felt awfully boring and even mentally exhausting.

He was starting to think he and Aiko probably weren’t alike at all— but he didn’t really care. Ririshiyo and Dae weren’t too alike, personality wise at least, and neither were Ririshiyo and Hikaru. So it could still be possible for he and Aiko to become friends, but that depended on a lot of things and he wondered if Aiko would still hang around if Ririshiyo told him he was a boy.

And then all of a sudden he felt a big urge just to tell Aiko he was a boy, just because. It wasn’t a really big deal, and that will just test whether or not Aiko can be a real friend to him. Or maybe he should just wait until they become closer so it can be more dramatic— only either way it wouldn’t have to be dramatic.

"Our separate ways? But aren’t you just using me to get your mind off of Hikaru and Dae?" It was quite obvious from the start, he just didn’t feel like saying that until now. And he also didn’t really mind that he was, because Ririshiyo was sort of doing the same. He was a little jealous of Dae— jealous of her because she had such a nice relationship with Hikaru.


Aiko could tell that something was troubling Ririshiyo. He didn’t feel any need to ask her what was on her mind— they had just met, after all, and he didn’t feel as if she would be too particularly happy that he was invading her privacy. It was too rude of him to ask what was wrong to someone he’d just met at a party.

There was no point in lying to Ririshiyo. It wasn’t really a secret anyway. “I’m not using you,” he truthfully responded. “I just wanted to have a new friend.” Aiko could tell that Ririshiyo was observant—intelligent, even. It was almost a little bit peculiar to him; it was hard always trying to read through Aiko’s mind. “But to be honest, I’m not lying when I say that I really do like you,” he confessed. “As a friend…”

He paused for a second. “I felt like a third wheel with Hikaru and Dae. I couldn’t really handle watching them together at the party, so I just decided to talk to you,” Aiko stated. He looked over at her, wondering how she was feeling, or what she thought of him now. 

"I’m sorry you thought that I was using you. I guess I needed more friends in the first place."


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